Understanding Senior Care Options

There is no shame in being confused about the many senior care options that are available in Florida. So many different options exist for seniors, especially as they become less capable of taking care of themselves. We are going to run through these options right now.

Senior Living Facility

A senior living facility is ideal for those individuals who may not want to stay in their own home. If your loved one is not able to take care of themselves, and home care is not on the table, a senior living facility can work.

Rent is similar to what you would expect for an apartment in the area. But it may be higher, depending on the additional services that are available at the facility. For instance, meals can be included in many places. It is a great way for your loved one to have a sense of community as they get older, especially if you are not able to take care of them.

Home Care

Some seniors are a lot more comfortable at home. It is where home health care comes into the picture. If your loved one is living with you or at their own home, they may need a nurse to come and help on a daily basis. You can request such eldercare by going through the proper channels.

Home care services can be a little more expensive, but many insurance policies will work with you to ensure that you are paying less out of pocket. The ideal solution may involve family members picking up some of the load, and a nurse filling in when no one else is available.

Assisted Living

An assisted living facility will be a little bit different to a senior living facility. With assisted living, there is a focus on the senior being unable to perform the daily activities of living. They will require a lot more monitoring and attention, which is why assisted living can be seen as the best solution.