Advantages of Home Care Over Assisted Living

There comes a moment in every individual’s life when they are no longer able to take care of themselves. At least not in the way they did before. The decline may come slowly or suddenly. And the age can differ based on the person and their physical or mental condition. But it will happen. And what their family does next is the most important step.

Two of the major options available to families in the Boca Raton area include assisted living and home health care. These are the two options that we hear about the most. And most may opt for assisted living. But if you were to ask most seniors, they would say they prefer home care. Why is that?

Here are some of the advantages that home eldercare holds over assisted living facilities:

1. Familiarity

Growing older can be hard on seniors, especially when they realize they need someone else to help take care of their daily activities. Whether it is cooking and cleaning, going to the bathroom or going for a walk, seniors may require someone to be there during these activities.

But it is much better when that someone is present at the senior’s home. Your loved one can continue to live in the place they have called home for so many years. They will wake up in the same bed, see the same rooms and go outside to the same neighborhood.

2. Surrounded By Loved Ones

If there are many family members who live in the area, keeping your loved one in their home may be the best idea. It would allow all of you to visit in different moments. You could help take care of your loved one or spend time with them.

While you may still need home care services for the moments where everyone else is working, it is still a great solution. Your loved one will not feel as though you have dumped them off on nurses and gone about living your own lives. It is a much better feeling when the whole family can come together to take care of an elderly loved one.

3. Costs

Many people are put off by the costs of hiring a nurse to come to the home. And it makes sense, because this aspect of home health care is expensive. But there are other cost savings.

If you have a loved one who owns the apartment or home where they live, home eldercare may be the best solution. Because assisted living facilities are expensive per month. And it would involve selling the home where your loved one lives right now.

While you can eventually sell that home when your loved one passes away, doing it in a rush is not a sensible idea. You would be giving up money on the sale price, just so you could sell it quickly.

It is much better to hold onto that property, both for sentimental and financial reasons. Your loved one gets to stay at home and you do not incur a loss on the property because you wanted to sell it in a rush.

There are also other ways to bring down the cost of home care, such as looking at various insurance policies. And if family members help, you would only need to hire a nurse for certain times of the day!

If your elderly loved one resides on the East Coast of Florida, in any of the cities in Broward or Palm Beach counties, the Boca Raton based home care service Boca Home Care Services, has been matching seniors with certified and thoroughly screened home care aides since 1998. Call them for information, or to set up an appointment with a home care professional. 561-989-0611

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